How It All Started

About PeakPro

Why You Need To Reach Your Peak

The PeakPro Story

PeakPro is a high quality lacrosse gear and athleisure apparel company founded by two current pros who realized the need for better value products for lacrosse players and athletes at every level. Head Coach Sean Quirk and Goalie Nick Marrocco began working at developing products that would elevate the game to the next level. This meant being efficient about quality and cost, and bringing gear that even players at the highest level would be eager to use. 

Our customers and pro athletes deserve the best. When developing PeakPro, we built the company on four core standards that every consumer and athlete would be proud to associate themselves with. A brand that fits their style, needs and an everlasting product that will keep them thirsty for more.

The Four Core Standards On All Of Our Products


The strength lies within yourself when you use PeakPro products and wearing our flashy, yet simple and comfortable apparel line. Reaching your Peak strength mentally and physically is a by product of PeakPro.


All athletes require durability because when you compete at any level, you must go hard. The durability of the Peak line will always be long lasting.


The consistency in which you need quality products is here with PeakPro. The standard within the equipment, apparel and training products, the quality and consistency each designed product is epic. 


The style; Look great, feel great and play great is the standard of every product developed by our team of expert designers and current pro athletes that understands and values what it takes in all areas of being great.

PeakPro athletes are not only living it everyday, they’re here to revolutionize the sports industry with you and for you.